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Finalists were announced last week for Toronto’s annual Flash In The Can Awards. Belle & Wissell, Co.’s Paccar Hall digital wayfinding system for The University of Washington’s business school is among those nominated for a Flash Usability and People’s Choice awards.

See a video of this project here.


An interactive directory provides students and faculty with real-time information from multiple data sources, revisions to locations of people and departments, and navigation through the complex floor plans and multi-level building entrances. The project also includes a digital donor program with touch interfaces and passive digital displays to clearly credit the contributions that made Paccar Hall possible. Additionally there is a business Twitter feed interactive that streams constant news from up to twelve Twitter feeds like The Economist and The Wall Street Journal. Write an essay online.

Winners for FITC will be announced at the ceremony on May 3. Fans of Belle & Wissell can cast their vote for the People’s choice by visiting the nominees page.